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Understanding Brand for Small Businesses - 4/17/18


Understanding Brand for Small Businesses - 4/17/18

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Understanding Brand for Small Businesses - 4/17/18


Brand is simply the way a customer perceives you from beginning to end. Brand is your customers experience.

Before you can define and live your brand, you need to do some research so you don’t waste time taking your brand in a direction that won’t allow you to reach your goals. You must understand your competitors and audience, so you can develop a brand that promises the right things to the right people. Research should be first, definition, strategy, and execution should follow, and in time, your brand will grow.

In this workshop, we'll cover the questions you need to be asking yourself about your business, your product or service and your target market to get started on developing a strong impactful brand experience.

Once you submit this registration, I'll be in touch with you via email with a short questionnaire that you will send back before the workshop.

Workshop is 6pm - 7pm.

*Space is limited. No refunds on cancellations.

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